Max & Natalie LIVE! is a weekly late night talk show I produce on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Hosted by Max Reinhardsen and Natalie Rich, M&NL! is a unique and fun spin on the talk show genre. Max & Natalie LIVE! aims to interview the real (and not real) people of NYC — from a random Craigslist guy to an actor playing a character. As Executive Producer, I set up, produce, assign, shoot, and edit all in studio and field assets along with manage their various social media accounts.

Episode 25 — LIVE! at The PIT Loft

I. Love. Bread. Or at least I thought I did until I met this week's guest, Margie Maples, baker & widower! She takes Max & Nat through the absolute best way to make easy as pie (huh?) bread at home!

Episode 20 — Destini, Jalen, and Monasia

Oh là là! Today we are joined by caricature artist Chip DePont, who has SEVERAL surprises for Max & Nat...but is he who he says he is?! Keep an eye out for Max being sincere (we mean this sincerely), ridiculous client demands, a Game of Thrones MALL, more beer, and a betrayal.

Episode 13 — Season 1 Finale

Max and his high school ex-girlfriend reunite in the most uncomfortable 15 minutes you've ever seen 😱 This is not an episode for the faint of heart: Awkward run-ins with an ex (who may or may not be evil????), lots of spit swishing, monologues, demon summonings, and a song about mouth sores.

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